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Jiu Jitsu can feel overwhelming – there is so much to learn and so many positions to become familiar with!

This course will simplify all that for you and help you feel less lost and confused. It will help you streamline your training to focus on the most successful, high percentage BJJ techniques and prevent you from wasting time and energy trying things that are ineffective.

Tony has been training BJJ for over 18 years and is a 2nd degree black belt. He has coached full-time for 15 years (strength training) as well as 8 years of BJJ. He has a reputation for breaking things down in a clear, concise, easy to understand manner that will let you pick things up quickly.

  • Learn the most effective techniques from all the major positions in Jiu Jitsu: closed guard, guard passing, half guard, submissions and pins, escapes from bad positions, and takedowns.
  • If you are serious about taking your BJJ to the next level QUICKLY then this course will be your best friend – it focuses on the most effective fundamental techniques that ACTUALLY WORK rather than moves that might look cool but you’ll never hit in rolling.
  • Tony teaches not only specific techniques but also CONCEPTS that will serve you all the way from white belt to black belt.
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Fundamentals
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What will you learn?

Starting BJJ is exciting, but it can also feel intimidating and overwhelming. There is SO MUCH material to learn, so many different positions, techniques, and so on … it can feel daunting. The best thing you can do is systematize everything so that you can break your learning up into digestible chunks rather than trying to do it all at once.

In the BJJ Fundamentals course, Tony breaks down the fundamentals into six easy to understand categories: 1) closed guard, 2) guard passing, 3) half-guard, 4) pins and submissions, 5) escapes, and 6) takedowns. This easy to follow system makes learning a breeze and will help you easily find techniques to help the areas of your game that you struggle with most.

Even if you have already been training for a while, we all know that we tend to forget more material than we retain. The BJJ Fundamentals course can be a great way for a grappler with some experience to review all the details of fundamental techniques to help tighten things up when they roll.

If you are new to BJJ, one place you probably find yourself A LOT if stuck pinned down on the bottom … side control, mount, and so on. This can be SO FRUSTRATING and it can feel like it is impossible to get out. While there is not always an easy or obvious way out, knowing the right techniques and strategies can be a GAME CHANGER to help you survive and ultimately make your escape.

Another area many BJJ athletes struggle with is takedowns – they can be pretty scary for many people, and a lot of people don’t know where to start. Tony helps get you comfortable with grappling from your feet, showing you how to take falls safely, different movement strategies, and a handful of the most effective and easy to learn takedowns to help you build confidence in your standing game.


Sample Videos

Jiu Jitsu Fundamentals Testimonials

I joined Industrial Strength in 2015 with the original goal of losing weight and getting fit. Through consistently attending Brazilian jiu jitsu and kettlebell classes I exceeded my goal, losing over 50 pounds and getting in the best shape of my life. Through that process, I also fell in love with jiu jitsu. When the pandemic restricted access to gyms, not being able to train in the gym was hard, but having access to the Industrial Strength On Demand jiu jitsu and kettlebell courses allowed me to continue my training at home, giving me the same top-notch instruction as I experience in person. Regularly training with Industrial Strength whether in-person or online will get you results!

-- Erin

The BJJ fundamentals course is a great resource for both students new to jiu jitsu and veteran grapplers looking to brush up on the basics. The video library is well organized and covers all the important positions you need to learn during your first few years, and being able to pause, rewind, and rewatch at your leisure is a huge benefit when it comes to really absorbing the material. With Tony providing excellent, easy to understand instruction, I can’t recommend the BJJ fundamentals course enough.

-- Brian

Industrial Strength’s BJJ video instruction has helped me keep my mind on the mats when things like injuries and the pandemic forced my body to be off the mats for a long time. The attention to detail, step-by-step breakdown, and organized curriculum all help reinforce techniques in my head in case I miss anything in real time during live in-class instruction.

-- Amar

The BJJ Fundamentals course has been so helpful in improving my game by reviewing and refreshing fundamental moves and concepts while introducing new ideas/moves at a pace that is easy to digest and fun to learn. The course has also been instrumental in helping me hone and grow my skills as a coach. So whether you are brand new to the sport or a seasoned athlete, the course has something for everyone!

-- Sara

Industrial Strength’s online Jiu Jitsu Fundamentals course is like a comprehensive study guide for what we need to know to be successful as new students of jiu jitsu. I regularly watch and rewatch their instructional videos to sharpen my understanding of the details of specific moves from each position. I’ve noticed a big improvement in retaining information, and in my ability to apply what I’ve learned on the mats. I highly recommend this online resource for someone who is looking for a clear and structured approach to beginning jiu jitsu.

-- Ian

Course Content Overview

Closed Guard
  1. Breaking posture
  2. Establishing angle
  3. Arm drag to back take
  4. Armbar from pitstop
  5. Triangle choke
  6. Armbar to triangle transition
  7. Omoplata from safety position
  8. Armbar to triangle choke to omoplata combination
  9. Pendulum sweep
  10. Hip bump sweep + Kimura
  11. Scissor sweep
  12. Double lumberjack sweep
  13. Single lumberjack sweep
  14. Superman sweep
Guard Passing
  1. Standing guard break
  2. Log splitter guard break
  3. Breaking guard from knees
  4. Double under pass
  5. Over/under pass
  6. Bull fighter pass
  7. Knee slice pass
  8. Smash pass
  9. Half guard pass with harness
  10. Half guard pass to arm triangle choke
  11. Sprawl pass
Half Guard
  1. Introduction and understanding success criteria
  2. Technical stand
  3. Recovering a closed guard
  4. Underhook to back take
  5. Underhook to old school sweep
  6. Underhook to switch back sweep
  7. Kimura
  8. Overhook to hook sweep
  9. Bridge and roll sweep
  10. Electric chair sweep
  1. Understanding pins and control positions
  2. Transitions from side control to mount and back control
  3. Transition from mount to back control
  4. Rear naked choke
  5. Armbar from back control
  6. X-choke from mount
  7. Arm triangle choke from mount
  8. Americana from side control
  9. Kimura from side control
  10. Paper cutter choke
  11. 180 armbar from knee on belly
  12. Americana with leg from kesa gatame
  13. Back take from turtle
  14. Single arm rear naked choke from turtle
  15. Guillotine choke
  16. Anaconda choke
  1. Side control: shrimp to guard recovery
  2. Side control: around the world escape
  3. Side control: kesa gatame escape
  4. Mount: upa / bridge and roll escape
  5. Mount: elbow escape
  6. Mount: hydraulic escape
  7. Back control escape
  8. Front headlock: sitout
  9. Front headlock: short drag
  10. Turtle: guard recovery
  11. Turtle: log roll
  12. Armbar: hitchhiker escape
  13. Americana escape
  1. Ukemi / break fall
  2. Shots & sprawls
  3. Single leg: run the pipe finish
  4. Single leg: two alternative finishes
  5. Double leg
  6. Rear waistlock combination
  7. Tani otoshi / valley drop
  8. O goshi / hip throw
  9. O uchi gari to ko uchi gari
  10. Lateral drop