Posted: October 19, 2022 at 3:27 pm

We’ve had a busy few weeks with competitions on each of the past three weekends! Here is a quick rundown to get you caught up:


Coach Mira led the weightlifting team through the inaugural PNW WSO Championship. A quick explanation of what that is: The parent organization of the sport of weightlifting in the country is USA Weightlifting (or USAW for short). USAW is then sub-divided into different smaller organizations, primarily organized geographically (similar to how NCAA football has different conferences like the PAC-12 and SEC). However, last year USAW decided to reorganize these sub-divisions into larger organizations called WSO. For perspective, in the previous format the state of Oregon used to be its own region, hold its own state championship, and so on. Now, with the new organization, the states of Oregon, Washington, and Alaska are all lumped together into one WSO; and the championship for this tri-state organization was held on the weekend of October 1-2.

The Industrial Strength team sent five (5) lifters to the championship, three (3) in the senior division and two (2) in the masters. Here are their best lifts:

    • Jerome
      • Weight category = 102kg
      • Best lifts = 112kg snatch, 135kg clean & jerk, 247kg total
      • Gold medal!
    • Olivia
      • Weight category = 76kg
      • Best lifts = 55kg snatch, 64kg clean & jerk, 119kg total
    • Corey
      • Weight category = 81kg
      • Best lifts = 74kg snatch, 100kg clean & jerk, 174kg total
      • This was Corey’s first ever meet!
    • Ryan
      • Weight category = 73kg
      • Best lifts = 86kg snatch, 106kg clean and jerk, 192kg total
      • Gold medal!
    • Emily
      • Weight category = 71kg
      • Best lifts = 52kg snatch, 64kg clean and jerk, 117kg total


The following weekend was the Oregon Open Jiu Jitsu Championship, and Industrial Strength had eight (8) athletes compete. Several have competed previously, and for others it was their first time on the BJJ competition mats. The format of the tournament was single elimination, but with a conciliation match guaranteed in the event you lost your first match. It is also worth mentioning that this was a “points” tournament, as compared to a “submission only” format which is also common in BJJ. The latter is a less complex rule set, as compared to matches where the referee awards points which is more complicated. A big tip of the cap to all our athletes, especially those who chose to compete in a points tournament for their first ever competition.

  • YunJi went 2-0 to win gold!
  • Ian went 1-1
  • Smith went 1-1
  • JD went 1-1
  • Cindy went 1-1
  • Jon fought best 2-of-3 with the same opponent and ended up going 1-2
  • Karthik competed for the first time and lost two tough matches
  • Abe had a similar experience, competing in BJJ for the first time and losing two close ones


This past Friday October 15th Tony competed in his first ever judo competition. Judo is similar to BJJ, but with more of an emphasis on throws compared to groundwork. The event was called the Rainier Cup and was held outside Tacoma, WA.

For this particular event they lumped brown & black belts together (Tony is a brown belt in judo). This practice is not uncommon at local tournaments, as it helps people get more matches. Both of his opponents ended up being black belts, although there was at least one other brown belt in the division.

Tony had two close matches that both ended up going to his opponent. That said, both matches were competitive and on several occasions Tony was pretty close to securing submissions (two chokes from the back, one triangle choke, and one triangle armlock), but the matches were stood back up before he was able to get the opponent to tap. All in all it was a good first experience!


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