Our kettlebell classes are the ultimate workout to do from home! You will build muscle, get stronger, improve your endurance, and take your fitness to the next level! Each class is about 45min long, perfect for fitting into your busy schedule.

Please note that for these classes you should be familiar with kettlebell swings, Turkish get ups, kettlebell snatches, military presses, and a handful of other exercises. If you are unfamiliar with these exercises then we recommend starting with the full-length course “Kettlebell Virtual On-Ramp” listed below.

Our full-length courses range from a couple hours of content all the way up to much longer courses, such as our best-selling “Kettlebell Virtual On-Ramp” which typically takes about 8-weeks to complete.

Our “Masterclass Series” offers courses that are laser focused on one topic. They are perfect for someone who wants a shorter course that they can work through more quickly. These courses include both instruction on the exercise as well as a few of our favorite workouts that emphasize that movement.