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Fortify your knees so they can keep up with the activities you love to do!

Do you love being active – lifting weights, doing Jiu Jitsu, running, hiking, playing basketball, or something else?

Do you get frustrated that your knees limit your ability to do the activities you enjoy?

Have you had knee injuries in that past which have “mostly” healed up, but are not quite where they used to be?

Has your knee injury been cleared by your physical therapist or doctor, but you still have doubts in the back of your mind about it being as strong and capable as it used to be?

Do you hold back a bit during your activities because in the back of your mind you have doubts about your knees?

Do you wish that you had more confidence in your knees?  

Do you wish that you could do the things you enjoy without always worrying about your knees?

Do you wish that your knees would not limit your performance?

Are you tired of feeling dependent on various knee braces and just wish your knees would be strong on their own?

Our online course FORTIFY YOUR KNEES is just what you have been looking for!

  • Understand what positions and alignments your knees are the strongest and safest for your knees
  • Learn what positions and technique errors are common sources of injury
  • Mobility drills to loosen up tight muscles to give your knees more breathing room
  • Strength exercises to build muscle and improve resiliency 
  • Stability drills to ensure you can use your muscles and strength in the right ways
  • Emphasis on mobilizing and strengthening your knees through a full range of motion so that you can confidently use them in any position your sport or activity requires!
Fortify Your Knees
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What will you learn?

Our FORTIFY series is designed to help you mobilize, strengthen, and stabilize your body to help you do the activities you love without your joints getting in the way.  The inaugural course in the series is for your KNEES – one of the most common body parts that people struggle with!

Before diving into the content of the course, it is worth mentioning that if you have an acute injury then you should be seeking care from a qualified medical professional.  For example if you recently sprained a ligament or tore your meniscus, you should seek care from your doctor, physical therapist, etc.  That said, we also know that due to a variety of reasons people get discharged from care from their provider, and they STILL don’t feel like their knee is at 100%, and that is where this course comes in.

The approach the course takes is to cast a wide net – you’ll learn exercises to improve mobility and reduce excessive tension in your muscles, you’ll learn strength exercise that isolate muscles to improve weak links, you’ll learn compound strength exercises to build muscle and teach your body to work as one cohesive unit, and you’ll learn stability drills to help keep you in good posture and alignment as you move.

The first section of the course covers mobility.  Many people who struggle with their knees have reduced mobility and/or excessive tension in the muscles around their knees.  We work on the muscles and joints below the knee (ankle) as well as above it (hip) because restrictions in those joints almost always cause problems at the knees.

The course then has three sections of strength training.  The first of these focus primarily on simple, isolated strength training exercises to ensure every single muscle gets the attention it needs.  We make sure to include exercises that help fortify your knees both from a straight / locked position, as well as in deeper amounts of flexion or bending.  In this section you’ll work your calves, quadriceps, gluts, and hamstrings in simple (aka not complicated) yet challenging movements.  This section of strength training includes exercises that everyone can do, even if you have no prior experience with this type of training.

The second section of strength training starts to introduce more compound exercises, or ones that work multiple muscle groups at once.  It also includes more difficult exercises that ask more of your muscles – if you are new to strength training some of these might be pretty tough, but if you spend time on the prior section you should be able to build up to them.  This section in particular is great for people who love lifting weights but whose knees get cranky with squats and lunges – all the drills in this section are fantastic for helping you do those lifts with more confidence.

The final section of strength training includes more advanced exercises – including some that have become staples in training programs of premier athletes in sports like ice hockey, soccer, and football.  This section also includes specialized methods of improving stability and alignment both for those who are struggling with it, as well as those who are doing great with it and want to take their challenge to the next level.


Course Content Overview

Soft Tissue Work & Stretching
  • Introduction
  • Soft Tissue: Quadriceps
  • Soft Tissue: IT Band
  • Soft Tissue: Calves
  • Ankle Rocks
  • Hip Flexor Stretch
  • 90/90 Glut Stretch
Strength Training - Part 1
  • Calf Raises (two ways)
  • Hamstrings Isometric
  • Quadriceps Isometric
  • Hip Flexor / Psoas March
  • Glut Bridge
  • Terminal Knee Extension
Strength Training - Part 2
  • Hamstrings – End Range Lift Off
  • Hamstrings – TRX Curl
  • Side Bridge
  • Heels Elevated Goblet Squat
Strength Training - Part 3
  • Split Squats – standard and isometric
  • Split Squats – added range of motion
  • Single Leg Squats
  • Single Leg Deadlifts
  • Lateral Lunges
  • Reactive Neuromuscular Training
  • Proprioceptively Enriched Environment