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Get better faster by learning even when you are not on the mat!

Do you often feel like you forget more than you retain during BJJ class?  Do you get frustrated that it is hard for you to remember the material the instructor taught?  Do you feel like you’d make faster progress if there was a way to review what you learned to help it stick better?

These are all common struggles people face in Jiu Jitsu, so you are not alone.  One of the best ways to overcome these challenges is video review.  You can go at your own speed and go over it as many times as you like to make sure you are “getting it.”  Our On-Demand Jiu Jitsu Classes can be a great way for you to maximize your time by getting efficient high-quality instruction to improve your Jiu Jitsu game.

  • Follow along with the actual instruction we do during classes
  • Techniques are tailored towards REAL STUDENTS who train Jiu Jitsu – you don’t need to be a pro athlete or compete in ADCC to do this stuff
  • Listen to REAL questions students ask during class, and the answers and explanations that professor Tony gives
  • If you already train with us in person, this is the perfect way to review material you learned in class
  • If you don’t live close enough to train with us in person, you can still stay caught up on the material we cover
  • Use your time wisely – we edit our videos to the shortest length possible to emphasize the most important material
  • Classes include all components of grappling: ground work, submissions, takedowns, and are done both gi and no gi
Jiu Jitsu Classes
$ 10 /mo

Monthly subscription with full access to class recordings.

Why our Jiu Jitsu Classes?

Let’s be real – getting better at Jiu Jitsu takes time.  It is far from an “overnight” process. 

That said, there are absolutely things you can do to get better faster.  If you’re like most people, your circumstances only allow for so much actual training time on the mats.  First of all, your body can only take so much (especially if you are in the Masters’ division / over age 30).  Secondly, we all have other life commitments besides Jiu Jitsu that demand our time and attention: careers, relationships, families, pets, and so on.  The bottom line is you can’t spend all day every day on the BJJ mats, it is simply unrealistic.

That said, you can ABSOLUTELY get better faster by doing things outside of the academy to complement your time inside of it.  One of the things at the top of the list is film study – by watching footage and learning online you can continue to make improvements even when your body and/or schedule don’t allow for more actual time on the mats.  If you are motivated to improve your Jiu Jitsu then online learning is the best thing you can do to support your hands-on training on the mats.



Classes will typically be recorded on Tuesday and Thursday nights, and uploaded by the end of each week (often even the next day).  

Each of those nights professor Tony usually teaches two classes: first a class dedicated specifically to takedowns, and then after that a standard Jiu Jitsu class which usually emphasizes ground work.  Footage will come from both classes (the takedowns as well as the “regular” Jiu Jitsu class).

Professor Tony usually teaches the “regular” Jiu Jitsu classes on a monthly rotation in the following order, meaning this is what you can expect to see with your subscription:

  1. Closed Guard and related open guards
  2. Guard Passing
  3. Half Guard and related guards
  4. Pins and Submissions
  5. Escapes
  6. Takedowns 

Most months will start with the gi on, and towards the end of the month will transition to no gi, so you’ll get both formats each month (and for each topic).

JIU JITSU Testimonials

I joined Industrial Strength in 2015 with the original goal of losing weight and getting fit. Through consistently attending Brazilian jiu jitsu and kettlebell classes I exceeded my goal, losing over 50 pounds and getting in the best shape of my life. Through that process, I also fell in love with jiu jitsu. When the pandemic restricted access to gyms, not being able to train in the gym was hard, but having access to the Industrial Strength On Demand jiu jitsu and kettlebell courses allowed me to continue my training at home, giving me the same top-notch instruction as I experience in person. Regularly training with Industrial Strength whether in-person or online will get you results!

-- Erin

The BJJ fundamentals course is a great resource for both students new to jiu jitsu and veteran grapplers looking to brush up on the basics. The video library is well organized and covers all the important positions you need to learn during your first few years, and being able to pause, rewind, and rewatch at your leisure is a huge benefit when it comes to really absorbing the material. With Tony providing excellent, easy to understand instruction, I can’t recommend the BJJ fundamentals course enough.

-- Brian

Industrial Strength’s BJJ video instruction has helped me keep my mind on the mats when things like injuries and the pandemic forced my body to be off the mats for a long time. The attention to detail, step-by-step breakdown, and organized curriculum all help reinforce techniques in my head in case I miss anything in real time during live in-class instruction.

-- Amar

The BJJ Fundamentals course has been so helpful in improving my game by reviewing and refreshing fundamental moves and concepts while introducing new ideas/moves at a pace that is easy to digest and fun to learn. The course has also been instrumental in helping me hone and grow my skills as a coach. So whether you are brand new to the sport or a seasoned athlete, the course has something for everyone!

-- Sara

Industrial Strength’s online Jiu Jitsu Fundamentals course is like a comprehensive study guide for what we need to know to be successful as new students of jiu jitsu. I regularly watch and rewatch their instructional videos to sharpen my understanding of the details of specific moves from each position. I’ve noticed a big improvement in retaining information, and in my ability to apply what I’ve learned on the mats. I highly recommend this online resource for someone who is looking for a clear and structured approach to beginning jiu jitsu.

-- Ian