If you experience any adverse health effects or health emergencies while participating in any Industrial Strength program, please immediately cease participation and contact your physician. Dial 911 in case of an emergency.

Kettlebells 2022.12.08

A perfect Officer Mike workout – even though he isn’t here today! Lots of low rep, heavy swings with enough rest break that you’ll be just about fully recovered between each set. A perfect workout to leave you feeling strong and powerful!

Kettlebells 2022.12.07

Today we work on some grip strength and endurance with snatches – as a bonus we coach Officer Mike via Zoom on how to do snatches with a dumbbell since he’s following along from Florida!

Kettlebells 2022.12.06

Today we have a fun total-body workout that includes a wide variety of exercises and an emphasis on core and stability. Just as importantly, lots of fun topics in class including: 1) A crazy video of a man saving his dog from a wild animal (you’ll never guess what animal), 2) The time Tony went horse-back riding, and 3) A podcast where a few BJJ black belts discuss what would win in a fight … a silver back gorilla, a lion, or a grizzly bear. We have lots to tackle in this class, so hit the button and let’s go!

Kettlebells 2022.12.05

All the TGU today! Heavy, check. Medium, check. Light, check. Officer Mike complaining about how hard it is, check. Someone showing up late for class and having to do burpees, check. This one has a super fast warm up and then we get right into it, so grab a collection of KB’s and let’s go!

Kettlebells 2022.12.02

Technical difficulties today, so here’s a recording of a previous class with a very similar workout. You’ll be doing plenty of TGU, squats, core, and swings!

Kettlebells 2022.12.01

Nice little simple & gentle workout of TGU and swings in store for today

Kettlebells 2022.11.30

It’s been a hot minute … but we finally have lots of snatches on the menu today! Plus, Monica, The Don, and Officer Mike all come in fired up and with aggression to burn off, so you know today will be a good one!

Kettlebells 2022.11.29

Be ready for a pump today! Lots of push presses guaranteed to build some upper body muscle!

Kettlebells 2022.11.28

Lots of swings in this Monday workout. The Don gets a chance to lead the warm up today, and then we get into a session that will keep your heart rate up and challenge your swings in some new ways.

Kettlebells 2022.11.25

A) Officer Mike gets to lead the warm up, B) The Don gets to lead the cool down, C) today is Tim’s birthday, D) we have an awesome fast-paced workout with lots of strength movements that strikes a perfect balance between heavy strength lifts while still keeping a fun, fast tempo.

Kettlebells 2022.11.24

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! We asked Officer Mike what his “optimal” Thanksgiving day workout would be – and we settled on the DEEP SIX! Grab your favorite kettlebell and join us for a challenging and fun workout!

Kettlebells 2022.11.23

Lots of upper body strength in today’s class! Presses, rows, and plenty of core work. Officer Mike gets to lead part of the warm up, and describe what his perfect Thanksgiving Day kettlebell class would look like.

Kettlebells 2022.11.22

A few different lifts today but snatches are the primary one. Plus we get to discuss what is “optimal” on many things including reps, rest breaks, Officer Mike’s optimal warm up, and more.

Kettlebells 2022.11.21

If you’ve had your sights set on doing a heavy TGU with a certain kettlebell, then today is your day! Heavy TGU in store for class!

Kettlebells 2022.11.18

Lots of swings! Plus, we had an interesting walk-in off the street during class you get to hear about – if you do BJJ then you’ll definitely want to tune in for this. Plus, learn what Officer Mike thinks all the kettlebell people need to do again in the new year, and what his reaction was when he realized that Mira wasn’t teaching today.

Kettlebells 2022.11.15

Test Day! Grab your Simple and Sinister swing and get up bell. Notes for swings if you can do all the reps & sets and have room to easily get 2 more rounds, you can move up in size. For get ups if your get all 10 reps and have plenty of room to do more, then you can move up. Be sure to have lots of room in the tank in order to move up. Also we had a small glitch in technology during the get ups but just keep following along and you won’t miss any reps. Thank you:-)

Kettlebells 2022.11.14

Fun and different workout today where we train some unique body postures and incorporate a lot of stability and core into every movement.

Kettlebells 2022.11.11

Good amount of variety today! Grab your snatch test bell, one lighter and one heavier. It took a bit for some of us to get online today LOL Cindy and Tim but we made it. Let’s have some fun!

Kettlebells 2022.11.10

On the menu today: chin ups, mobility, swings, and lots of discussion on terms the “kids” use these days and how most of us are too old to know what most of them mean. We also need your help to determine the correct spelling and pronunciation of a slang term Carl introduced to the class today – let us know your vote!

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