If you experience any adverse health effects or health emergencies while participating in any Industrial Strength program, please immediately cease participation and contact your physician. Dial 911 in case of an emergency.

Kettlebells 2022.10.05

HAPPY 9 YEAR ANNIVERSARY to us! To celebrate we’re doing some fun max effort Get Ups and to finish we’re doing some more Get Ups and swings after. Lots of fun for today to test yourself.

Kettlebells 2022.10.04

Clean, push press and squat. Great complex today. Grab a bell you can press for 3 times and let’s go. OR if you have a lighter bell feel free to add in a couple of extra reps to each ladder.

Kettlebells 2022.10.03

Today we’ve got a lot going on: discussions on robot and drone security at Officer Mike’s condo complex, what it means when you see shoes hanging from power lines, and a pretty awesome snatch workout. The Don said this one got his heart rate higher than any workout in recent memory – so jump in and join him!

Kettlebells 2022.09.29

Half of class today is discussing the construction craziness happening out in front of the building. Cars driving off of ledges (we show you a picture), wet concrete debacles, and so on. The other half of class is mostly spent doing snatches.

Kettlebells 2022.09.28

SIMPLE & SINISTER DAY! Should we call it “test day” or should we call it a “celebration of strength” … let us know your thoughts!

Kettlebells 2022.09.27

Variety day today with Coach Mira. Grab your snatch test bell and plan to make adjustments if needed.

Kettlebells 2022.09.26

Snatch test prep today! A variety of rep ranges along with a little core and some other movements in today’s class.

Kettlebells 2022.09.23

Nice back off day from all the snatch prep we’ve had. Grab your snatch test bell and something between your snatch and swing bell and let’s go!

Kettlebells 2022.09.22

High volume snatch workout with Tony and The Don today. Don called it a very “compassionate” workout 🙂 It is also cool to see how Don gets stronger and more powerful as the workout goes on – do you think you can keep up with him?

Kettlebells 2022.09.21

Lots of TGU on the menu today! Plus you get to see The Don lead part of the warm up, and hear more details about Tony’s recent trip to Las Vegas.

Kettlebells 2022.09.20

Slow and steady today cleans, presses and squats. Grab a bell you can press 5 times max. Let’s go!

Kettlebells 2022.09.19

A rare filming of the evening class (instead of the lunch class) today, so you’ll see a few new faces and have a kickboxing class go on in the background. You get to hear about Mira’s recent competition and Tony’s trip to Las Vegas for ADCC – plus a solid workout of some snatches, squats, and core work.

Kettlebells 2022.09.16

Sneaky smoker today, with lots of heavy 2-handed swings and some push ups and goblet squats.

Kettlebells 2022.09.15

Pull ups, snatches, and goblet squats on the menu. Plus you get to hear Officer Mike’s new nickname for what’s going on with his hand – you won’t want to miss it!

Kettlebells 2022.09.13

Grind of Get Ups and Chin Ups / Rows today. Grab your S&S TGU bell or one lighter and let’s go 🙂

Kettlebells 2022.09.12

A perfect way to start off the training week: high rep snatches to build grip endurance!

Kettlebells 2022.09.09

LAST DAY for delaod week. Some snatches and 1 hand swings today. Grab your snatch test kettlebell and let’s gooooooooo.

Kettlebells 2022.09.08

De-load week continues with this mellow workout of sea-saw presses, squats, and swings. We also get into some interesting conversations of “would your rather …” that include things like a horse-sized duck vs. 100 duck-sized horses, and more. You’re not going to want to miss this one!

Kettlebells 2022.09.07

De-Load week continues with this nice mellow workout of TGU and swings

Kettlebells 2022.09.06

Fun swings, snatches and simple and gentle week. What more can you ask for? Great opportunity to work on your technique.

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