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Your complete guide to mastering the kettlebell swing! 

Do you find yourself struggling with kettlebell swings?

Have you wanted to learn how to do them, but do not know where to start?

Have you tried them, but they just don’t feel right?

We know that many people out there are excited to include kettlebell swings into their fitness program, but they don’t feel confident with the exercise.  We created the Kettlebell Swing Masterclass course to help you become competent and confident with kettlebell swings!

The kettlebell swing is one of the best overall exercises, especially for adults who tend to be sedentary.  The kettlebell swing is one of the only exercises that can help you build muscle and improve your endurance at the same time.  Kettlebell swings are joint friendly; typically even people with lots of wear and tear on their joints can do kettlebell swings without issue – as long as their form is correct.  Kettlebell swings are also time-efficient; you can get in a fantastic workout in no time … even just ten minutes can be enough time to get in a solid workout.  Another benefit that people love is that kettlebell swings are one of the best exercises to build your gluts, aka your butt!

Our Kettlebell Swing Masterclass includes:

  • Coaching on how to use your core properly, as well as a few of our favorite core exercises
  • Simple progressions that will get you swinging your kettlebell like a pro in no time
  • Troubleshooting drills to help you with the most common errors
  • A few of our favorite kettlebell swing workouts so that you can incorporate your skills into a full workout!
Masterclass Series: The Kettlebell Swing
$ 49

One-time purchase with lifetime access to content.

What will you learn?

The Kettlebell Swing Masterclass is a compilation of all the swing instruction from its parent course, our Kettlebell Virtual On-Ramp.  As a bonus, we included two of our full workout classes that we do with our in-person groups, so you can experience full kettlebell workouts just like we do in our gym!  If you want to learn how to do kettlebell swings but are not ready to commit to the full Kettlebell Virtual On-Ramp then this is the course for you!

The kettlebell swing is truly the foundation of all kettlebell training, so if you are going to invest time learning any exercise this is the one to do.  Kettlebell swings will build muscle, improve endurance, torch fat, boost your energy, and even loosen up tight hips.  They also lay the groundwork for other kettlebell exercises you may choose to try later, such as kettlebell snatches.

The Kettlebell Swing Masterclass is divided up into six parts:

  1. How to use your core
  2. Kettlebell deadlifts and swing resets
  3. Two-handed swings and trouble shooting drills
  4. One-handed swings
  5. Workout class #1
  6. Workout class #2


Course Content Overview

How To Use Your Core
  • Core Concepts
  • High Tension Deadbug
  • Bracing Your Core While Standing
  • Power Breathing with a Braced Core
  • High Tension Plank
Kettlebell Deadlift and Swing Resets
  • The Hip Hinge
  • How to Set Up for a Deadlift
  • Similarities of a Deadlift and Plank
  • Setting Up for a Kettlebell Swing
  • The Hike Pass
  • Swing Resets
  • Similarities of Kettlebell Swings and Deadlifts
Two-Handed Swings and Troubleshooting
  • Transitioning from Swing Resets to Continuous Swings
  • Why Timing is so Important
  • The Cone Drill to Fix Squatty Swings and Poor Timing
  • The Towel Drill to Fix Lazy Hips
  • The Stick Drill to Engage Your Abs and Protect Your Back
One-Handed Swings
  • Key Differences Between One-Handed and Two-Handed Swings
  • Why “Shoulder Packing” is so Important
  • How to “Swing Switch” to Change Arms in Mid-Air
  • Hand-to-Hand Swings
  • Double Kettlebell Swings
Workout Classes
  • Two full-length 45minute kettlebell workout classes for you to follow along with!