Posted: May 11, 2022 at 10:18 am

We have some exciting news to share – it was recently announced that Mira and I have both been promoted to Senior Instructors within the StrongFirst school of strength!  I suspect that some context will be helpful for many readers, so allow me to provide some.

StrongFirst is an organization that specializes in helping people get stronger.  They are most well known for their instructor certification programs, of which they have three primary offerings.  Each certification requires attending an in-person workshop and passing both physical tests and teaching tests.  The three programs are:

  1. Kettlebells (both levels 1 and 2 available)
  2. Barbells
  3. Bodyweight

In addition to those certification programs, they also offer workshops for topics such as programming methodology, as well as “user courses” for people who do not aspire to be an instructor but still want the knowledge for their own benefit.

When someone decides they want to attend one of these workshops, either a user course or a full-on instructor certification, someone has to actually teach it.  The people who are the instructors at these events fall under the umbrella of “Teachers of Strength” within StrongFirst (for those who do follow, “Teachers of Strength” is a recently adopted term for what used to be called “Leadership”).

Within the Teachers of Strength there are three positions:

  1. Master Instructor
  2. Senior Instructor
  3. Team Leader

Mira and I have been in Team Leader positions for 4+ years, and are honored and excited to be offered the promotion to Senior Instructors.  We both look forward to the opportunities ahead to continue to help people all over the world get stronger!

-Tony Gracia


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