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Your complete guide to mastering the Turkish Get Up! 

Have you seen people do Turkish Get Ups and are interested in trying them yourself?

Have you tried doing them, but they felt awkward and clunky?

Have you avoided trying them because you are not confident in what you are doing and do not want to hurt yourself?

Have you dabbled in them a bit, but know there is room for your technique to improve?

We know that many people out there are excited to include Turkish Get Ups into their fitness program, but they don’t feel confident with the exercise.  We created the Turkish Get Up Masterclass course to help you do this incredible exercise like a pro.

The Turkish Get Up, or TGU for short, is the epitome of a total body exercise.  Not only does it work nearly every muscle from head to toe, it has the extra benefit of working them in what is called “multiple planes of motion.”  What that means is that you are not only are you working every muscle, you are also challenging them in multiple positions and directions, which leads to an even more comprehensive development of strength and stability.

The TGU has a reputation for developing athletic, functional strength.  Certain exercises and workout programs can develop “show muscles,” but they lack substance when it comes to functional carryover.  You will not have that problem with the TGU – it develops strength, stability, and coordination that carry over exceptionally well to “real world” or “functional” strength.

Our Turkish Get Up Masterclass includes:

  • Coaching on how to use your core properly, as well as a few of our favorite core exercises
  • Step-by-step breakdowns of every stage of the Turkish Get Up
  • Detailed analysis of every position within the TGU, as well as the transitions between positions
  • A few of our favorite classes so that you can incorporate your new Turkish Get Up skills into a full workout!
Masterclass Series: The Turkish Get Up
$ 49

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What will you learn?

The Turkish Get Up Masterclass is a compilation of all the TGU instruction from its parent course, our Kettlebell Virtual On-Ramp.  As a bonus, we included two of our full workout classes that we do with our in-person groups, so you can experience full kettlebell workouts just like we do in our gym!  If you want to learn how to do Turkish Get Ups but are not ready to commit to the full Kettlebell Virtual On-Ramp then this is the course for you!

The TGU is considered by many to be the framework of kettlebell training – the next step after the “foundation” that is the kettlebell swing.  If you are going to invest time learning only a handful of exercises, the TGU should be on your short list. 

The Turkish Get Up is undeniably the most requested exercise we get from people who use kettlebells to complement other activities they do: powerlifting, weightlifting, Jiu Jitsu, Judo, etc.  If you have been wanting to incorporate Turkish Get Ups into your training and you want to learn how to do them RIGHT, then this Masterclass course is just what you’ve been searching for.

The Turkish Get Up Masterclass is divided up into five parts:

  1. How to use your core
  2. The Half Turkish Get Up
  3. The Full Turkish Get Up
  4. Workout class #1
  5. Workout class #2


Course Content Overview

How To Use Your Core
  • Core Concepts
  • High Tension Deadbug
  • Bracing Your Core While Standing
  • Power Breathing with a Braced Core
  • High Tension Plank
The Half Get Up
  • Key concept: “Shoulder Packing”
  • Why “Packing Your Shoulder” is crucial for strength & safety
  • Optimizing shoulder alignment 
  • Drills to help you find ideal alignment
  • How to pick up and put down the kettlebell safely
  • What the “broken arm” position is and how to avoid it
  • Doing half-get-ups with a kettlebell
Full Turkish Get Ups
  • How to do the low sweep technique to get off your hip and onto your knee
  • How to do the windshield wiper motion
  • Why the windshield wiper is important for back safety and to keep you from dropping the kettlebell on yourself
  • Where your eyes should be focused at different stages of the Turkish Get Up
  • Important details for the lunge portion of the Turkish Get Up
  • Why getting back down is often harder than standing up
Workout Classes
  • Two full-length 45minute kettlebell workout classes for you to follow along with!
  • NOTE: You should have at least some proficiency with kettlebell swings for both of the workouts in this Masterclass course – they are included in the workouts along with TGU.