Posted: January 29, 2023 at 10:31 am

This was one of the most amazing Max Days in memory. We had a huge turnout – definitely the biggest since the pandemic. On top of that, everyone made all of their lifts … an incredibly rare thing on Max Day! Here is the rundown:


  • Mike D. opened at 80kg, then up to 85kg, and made a third attempt at 90kg
  • Mike R. opened at 85kg, then up to 90kg, and grinned out a strong third attempt at 95kg (his first ever Zercher Squat over 200 lbs!)
  • Kyle, Andrew, and Ronnie all opened at 125kg and took second attempts at 130kg. For third and final attempts Kyle and Andrew took 135kg (297lbs) and Ronnie bumped up to 140kg / 308lbs.


  • Vickie kicked it off with 30kg. Her baseline from December was 31 reps, and she made 35 reps for a new PR!
  • Mike R. and Mike D. went next, both at 50kg. Mike D. didn’t have a baseline, and Mike R. did – his mark to beat was 19 reps. In a pretty cool display, both Mikes ended up completing 21 successful repetitions!
  • Andrew went next and took 60kg. He didn’t have a previous record, but had a goal of 20 reps. He was able to have an awesome set and finished with 23 reps to beat his goal!
  • Kyle took 70kg, and had a baseline of 21 reps. Just like Andrew he finished with 23 reps – earning Kyle a PR of two repetitions!
  • Ronnie finished off the event with a whopping 100kg. His baseline from December was 27 reps, and his record during his college football days was 30 reps (225lbs). With a roaring crowd Ronnie was able to complete 32 repetitions for a lifetime PR!


  • Mike R. wanted to test his chin ups. Keep in mind this is incredibly hard to do the same day as bench press for reps – since the arms are exhausted from benching. That said, he still tied his personal record of 11 reps! His goal is to achieve 15 reps by the end of the year – stay tuned to keep track of his progress!


For those unfamiliar, this is a fantastic “bench mark” workout to track your progress with during kettlebell training. Many people even use it as a stand-alone training plan. It consists of one-handed swings and Turkish Get Ups. The swings are performed 10 reps / 10 sets (five sets per arm) with a set starting every 30 seconds, and all the swings completed in 5min. Then you only get a 60-second rest period, after which you begin the TGU. The TGU are performed EMOM, alternating arms each minute until you have completed 5 per arm (ten total).

  • Emelie: 1HS x 16kg, TGU x 8kg
  • Kanna: 1HS x 16kg, TGU x 14kg
  • Vickie: 1HS x 20kg, TGU x 16kg
  • Eileen: 1HS x 20kg, TGU x 18kg
  • Becca: 1HS x 22kg, TGU x 22kg
  • Officer Mike: 1HS x 32kg, TGU x 32kg
  • Mark: 1HS x 32kg, TGU x 32kg (earned his way onto the gym’s S&S record board!)
  • Jordan: 1HS x 32kg, TGU x 32kg (also earned his way onto the gym’s S&S record board!)
  • Andrew: 1HS x 36kg, TGU x 36kg

Congratulations to everyone on their awesome lifting!


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