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Kettlebells: Free Class

In progress
Mira Gracia doing a single military press with a kettlebell

Monthly Kettlebell Class – January 2022

Strength building workout with lots of presses and squats! You need one kettlebell that is moderately hard to press five times.


Mobility: Free Workout

In progress

Monthly Mobility Workout – January 2022

Overhead shoulder mobility workout! This has a few good drills to help improve your overhead mobility for things like Turkish Get Ups, snatches, and pull ups. The only equipment you'll need for this one is a foam roller, ideally one of the full size ones (three feet long).


BJJ: Technique of the Month

In progress


January is closed guard month - this lesson will teach you the three fundamental concepts of closed guard, and as well as how to apply all them with a nice arm drag to back take technique.


Jiu Jitsu – Before You Train

Helpful tips before you step onto the mats

  • Understanding the positional hierarchy – your “road map” for Jiu Jitsu

  • How to tie your belt

  • Hygiene in Jiu Jitsu

  • Understanding tapping out and how to do it

  • Bowing in Jiu Jitsu, such as when you step onto or off of the mats

Progressive system to learn how to do spins with the Bulgarian Bag

  • Demonstration of spins

  • Stance and weight shift

  • Side to side swings

  • Half spins

  • Full spins

  • Common mistakes

Bulgarian Bag Spins

In progress

How to do Bulgarian Bag Spins

Have you ever wondered how to do spins with the Bulgarian Bag? In this lesson coach Tony breaks it down into a progressive system to get you moving in the right direction!