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Check out some free lessons on strength training, BJJ, and mobility, as well as our Get Ups & Gis podcast.  After you create a free account you’ll get a discount code for 10% off any of our courses!

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Kettlebell Virtual On-Ramp

  • The most complete resource to learn kettlebells online
  • Detailed instruction of every major kettlebell exercise
  • Important safety tips and how to pick what weight to use
  • Learn how to lift correctly with 6 full instructional classes
  • Push yourself with 18 challenging kettlebell workouts
  • Taught by world class instructors


  • Gain flexibility, strength, and stability for your knees!
  • Feel confident doing the activities you love without always worrying about your knees
  • Learn the safest positions to keep your knees in, as well as common ways they get injured so you know what to avoid
  • Build muscle and get stronger in positions where your knees are usually weakest, thereby strengthening your weakest links
  • Mobility plus 3-sections of strength exercises that get progressively harder, so there is something for everyone!

Mobility Made Simple

  • 3-part Mobility Course
  • Specifically designed to include moves that EVERYONE can do
  • Loosen up every major joint from head to toe
  • Feel more relaxed and less stiff and creaky
  • Stop letting a lack of flexibility stop you from doing the things you love!

Jiu Jitsu Fundamentals

  • Learn moves you can actually do from every position
  • High percentage techniques for all levels
  • Streamline your learning and minimize confusion
  • Emphasis on techniques that work both gi and no gi
  • Clear instruction on both techniques and concepts


  • Master kettlebell movements one at a time
  • Each course can be finished in only a week or two
  • Biggest bang-for-your-buck exercises
  • Courses include both instruction and full workouts


On-Demand streaming of the same kettlebell and Jiu Jitsu classes we do in-person

Kettlebell Classes

  • Unlimited Kettlebell Classes! Access to all of the classes we teach in person at Industrial Strength—5x per week, Monday to Friday
  • On-Demand Streaming! All of our uploaded classes are ready to stream at your convenience.
  • We take care of all of the programming, so all you need to do is login and workout.
  • You’ll be able to see a description of each class before you start it.

Jiu Jitsu Classes

  • Learn the real moves we teach in class
  • Listen in to real questions our students ask
  • See the progression of techniques over time
  • Classes are a mix of both gi and no gi
  • Improve your game without actually being on the mats!

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What People Say

After twelve years of supplementing my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training with cardio, the pandemic hit and I needed some sort of strength training option at home. I also wanted to avoid hurting myself in the process. Industrial Strength’s Kettlebell Virtual On-Ramp and On Demand program were it. In the Virtual On-Ramp, Coaches Tony and Mira do an extremely effective job of explaining the movements, avoiding common pitfalls, and building proficiency so that when the weight gets heavy you have the confidence that your technique is sound. The On-Demand Kettlebell classes help me stay consistent with my workouts and introduce plenty of new techniques. After a year of training online with Industrial Strength, I feel stronger than I have in a long time.

-- Dan

Industrial Strength’s Virtual Kettlebell On-Ramp course provided me with the foundation I needed to safely and effectively add training with kettlebells to my weekly fitness schedule. Their attention to detail regarding proper form is outstanding and I would recommend this program to anyone starting-out with kettlebells. I feel like I’ve learned a skill-set that will pay dividends to my health over the years. After completing the entire course, I was able to jump into in-person classes with them in Portland, and have been enjoying the added benefits of training with kettlebells to support my active lifestyle.

-- Ian

I joined Industrial Strength in 2015 with the original goal of losing weight and getting fit. Through consistently attending Brazilian jiu jitsu and kettlebell classes I exceeded my goal, losing over 50 pounds and getting in the best shape of my life. Through that process, I also fell in love with jiu jitsu. When the pandemic restricted access to gyms, not being able to train in the gym was hard, but having access to the Industrial Strength On Demand jiu jitsu and kettlebell courses allowed me to continue my training at home, giving me the same top-notch instruction as I experience in person. Regularly training with Industrial Strength whether in-person or online will get you results!

-- Erin

The BJJ fundamentals course is a great resource for both students new to jiu jitsu and veteran grapplers looking to brush up on the basics. The video library is well organized and covers all the important positions you need to learn during your first few years, and being able to pause, rewind, and rewatch at your leisure is a huge benefit when it comes to really absorbing the material. With Tony providing excellent, easy to understand instruction, I can’t recommend the BJJ fundamentals course enough.

-- Brian

Industrial Strength’s BJJ video instruction has helped me keep my mind on the mats when things like injuries and the pandemic forced my body to be off the mats for a long time. The attention to detail, step-by-step breakdown, and organized curriculum all help reinforce techniques in my head in case I miss anything in real time during live in-class instruction.

-- Amar

The BJJ Fundamentals course has been so helpful in improving my game by reviewing and refreshing fundamental moves and concepts while introducing new ideas/moves at a pace that is easy to digest and fun to learn. The course has also been instrumental in helping me hone and grow my skills as a coach. So whether you are brand new to the sport or a seasoned athlete, the course has something for everyone!

-- Sara

Industrial Strength’s online Jiu Jitsu Fundamentals course is like a comprehensive study guide for what we need to know to be successful as new students of jiu jitsu. I regularly watch and rewatch their instructional videos to sharpen my understanding of the details of specific moves from each position. I’ve noticed a big improvement in retaining information, and in my ability to apply what I’ve learned on the mats. I highly recommend this online resource for someone who is looking for a clear and structured approach to beginning jiu jitsu.

-- Ian

The classes are a great workout that will definitely get your heart pumping, and I always felt ready to jump back in the next day for another class. I found the set up to be so fun and engaging with it feeling like an in-person group workout but I can complete the class at home and on my own schedule.


-- Julia T.

I cannot emphasize how happy I was when Industrial Strength released their On-Demand programming! The classes have been a lifesaver, especially this year. The workouts build like a traditional program and incorporate testing and benchmarks to track your progress… because you are doing the exact same workout as you would be in the gym. Although I wish I could still train at I.S. in person, this has been just amazing.

-- Sam K.

Industrial Strength’s virtual platform is incredibly effective. I thought it would be hard to get motivated to workout at home by yourself, but their coaches and training videos make the experience feel inclusive and fun. The variety and intensity of the workouts engage and challenge me in positive ways. Overall my stability and strength have improved on so many levels. Their virtual program is awesome!

-- Ethan R.