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Build kettlebell and jiu jitsu skills at your own pace.

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  • Basic safety precautions
  • Detailed instruction of every major kettlebell exercise
  • How to do each kettlebell exercise in a class setting
  • How to chose your kettlebell weight for class
  • 75+ BJJ Techniques and counting
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Virtual On-Ramp Package
$ 150

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  • Step by step easy to follow instruction
  • Progress tracking features to keep you motivated
  • 18 special kettlebell workouts to hone your skills
  • Designed to prepare you for kettlebell workouts in the monthly membership
  • Jiu Jitsu curriculum designed for all levels

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  • New classes added 5 x week
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  • 45 min kettlebell classes to fit your busy schedule
  • 15 minute mobility workouts to keep your joints happy

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What People Say

... I have had amazing success with the kettlebell program, and couldn’t recommend it more! Even during difficult times with COVID-19, I was able to maintain my daily workouts virtually. At first, it was super difficult to think to workout with a kettlebell at home, but with a good attitude, good discipline, and a ton of patience from coaches Casey, Mira, Adam, and Tony I was able to maintain a full workout routine. I am much stronger today and I can not be much happier. You just got to do it and you will see results!

-- Erick R.

I joined Industrial Strength 3 yrs ago and I can't say enough positive about the gym and the professional quality of the coaches. Their instruction pays particular attention to proper movement and form which has helped me get the most benefit out of each exercise and to stay free from injury. Some of the personal benefits I've experienced since starting a kettlebell routine includes a 15lb weight loss, increase stamina in other activities like running, hiking, gardening. This overall increase in strength and stamina is invaluable to me as I age! Just recently I started taking their live on-line sessions and have appreciated the same level of professionalism and quality of instruction through this platform as what they provide in person at the gym.

-- Sheila S.

Industrial Strength’s virtual platform is incredibly effective. I thought it would be hard to get motivated to workout at home by yourself, but their coaches and training videos make the experience feel inclusive and fun. The variety and intensity of the workouts engage and challenge me in positive ways. Overall my stability and strength have improved on so many levels. Their virtual program is awesome!

-- Ethan R.

Industrial Strength meets students where they are at with no judgment. When they had to pivot due to COVID restrictions, they tinkered with different technologies until they found what worked to coach remotely. I miss the physical gym, but appreciate having the option to have the same awesome coaches available while I get my strong on at home.”

-- Desirae G.

My name is Vanessa and I’m 38 years old. I joined Industrial Strength when the gym opened seven years ago in 2013 and I’ve enjoyed being a part of its community, evolution, and growth. I joined the gym with a focus of Strength Training to learn from highly skilled coaches and thoughtful programming, to build muscle & accomplish strength goals.
Fast forward to 2020, the year that heaped change Due to COVID 19, my fitness journey made a pivot with a focus on new fitness habits and new goals. It provided an opportunity to adapt and reinvent with a continued focus to practice strength & movement throughout the pandemic. During the shutdown, Tony & Mira were quick to offer their students online solutions in the form of live streaming, on-demand classes, as well as custom programming.
The virtual kettlebell classes help me stay strong at home, offering archived playlist option to allow flexibility in my busy work from home schedule & thrive. All you have to do is show up, follow along, & work hard.

-- Vanessa A.